Coronavirus update

Implications of the Coronavirus on the IPA

The entire world has been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,  and many countries and governments across the world are enforcing strict measures and regulations in order to moderate the spread of the virus. This has led to lockdowns, national borders being closed, bans on travelling, gatherings being prohibited, and much more, across the world.

Unfortunately, due to the above, some of our upcoming events in the IPA have been either postponed or cancelled, and a few of our IPA houses have been temporarily closed. This page will be updated on a regular basis with a list of cancelled events and closed houses.

IPA Houses:

We are happy to announce that, as a result of restrictions in many countries being lifted, the following IPA Houses are now open and taking bookings again:

IPA Australia - IPA Apartment Gold Coast (Limited availability, only for some Australians)

IPA Belgium - IPA Apartment Martin Beck (Open under the COVID rules of the Belgian government)

IPA Denmark - Both IPA Houses (Up to 50 people together when abiding by social distancing rules)

IPA Finland - IPA House Lapland

IPA Greece - All houses open

IPA Portugal - All houses open (Max 50% capacity)

IPA Romania - IPA Houses Giarmata and Lipova open

IPA Serbia - IPA House Palic open

IPA South Africa - All houses open with protocols set by government


Unfortunately, some of our IPA Houses remain closed at this time:

IPA Australia - IPA Apartment Victoria (closed until otherwise approved by NEB)

IPA Germany - All houses closed for tourist visits. For business stays, please contact the managers of individual houses

IPA Luxembourg - IPA House Letzeburg (closed until further notice)

 IPA Romania - IPA House Gresu (in process of authorisation)