IPA Education and Information Centre

IBZ Castle Gimborn - the IPA Flagship

IBZ Castle Gimborn, located in idyllic wooded mountainous surroundings in Germany, houses the IPA's Education and Information Centre and is widely referred to as the Flagship of the Association.Gimborn IEB Mtg Jun 2017 5 ESR

Founded in 1969, it is where IPA professional seminars, conferences and meetings are held. The full seminar programme and information on the facility is available at www.ibz-gimborn.de.

A truly international institution, the Board of Trustees includes representation from 23 national IPA sections, the International Executive Board and several German IPA regions and police authorities. Castle Gimborn employs permanent administrative and teaching staff members, who coordinate a seminar programme, with professional speakers on a wide range of topics.

Membership of the IBZ Castle Gimborn is open to IPA sections, regions, branches as well as individuals, with around 560 members from over 30 countries.

Gimborn – where a picture is worth a thousand words!


IBZ Gimborn 50th Anniversary


Gimborn is celebrating its 50th anniversary on the 30th and 31st of August 2019!

Gimborn was originally founded in 1969 and has since served as one of the primary benefits for IPA members. IBZ Gimborn has been offering seminars and conferences for 50 years, and has helped endless amounts of IPA members further their career and gain knowledge in specific police related subjects.

Gimborn would love for you to attend and celebrate this prestigious anniversary with fellow IPA members from across the world. The event will take place over 2 days and will consist of fun activities and BBQs, dances, live music, and a gala evening!

Prices and accommodation options can be found on the official invitation, and you can register through the registration form.