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The highlight of the IPA's international calendar is the IPA World Congress. The entire IPA family gathers to review the events of the previous year and determines the future direction for the IPA. 2020 marks the 65th IPA World Congress and will be hosted by Section Spain at the Hotel Evenia Olympic Garden in Lloret de Mar, part of the Costa Brava, from 13-18 October 2020.

The World Congress is a prestigious IPA event which has been hosted annually since 1955, when Arthur Troop worked untiringly to form the foundations of other National Sections of the IPA. By this year, there were Sections in the majority of Western Europe, and Arthur Troop became the first International Secretary General at this historic event.

The IPA World Congress culminates in a week filled with friendship, laughter and joy. It is where the IPA family reunites every year and alongside the main agenda, provides participants with fantastic entertainment, meals (including a gala dinner) and opportunities to socialise with friends from all over the world.

The main agenda of the World Congress deals with motions that are proposed by both National Sections and the International Executive Board (IEB), which are then voted on by the representatives of each National Section (one delegate and up to two observers), as well as the IEB having a collective vote, and using a majority voting system. Elections are also held to determine the members of the IEB every four years.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) effects on the IPA World Congress 2020

At the present times, it is unclear how the global situation with the Coronavirus will unfold, and the IEB has set itself a deadline for when a decision is to be taken for whether or not the IPA World Congress will be held this year. This date is 1 June 2020.

If the decision is made to go ahead with the congress, the registration period for all participants and those who have not already registered, including the Friendship Week, will run from 2 June - 31 July 2020.

If the IEB decides that the World Congress cannot be safely held this year, the event will be cancelled altogether for 2020, and we will postpone the congress until autumn next year. In this case, all registration fees already paid for until now will be reimbursed. At this stage, we ask you not to purchase any further plane tickets, until the IEB decision is taken and communicated to all.

Please rest assured that we consider everyone’s health and wellbeing as our number one priority, and we will therefore monitor the situation closely over the next few months before taking our decision. Thank you once more to Section Spain for their hard work.

65th WC Information & Programme

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, registrations for the World Congress 2020 have been temporarily closed while a decision is taken for whether or not the event can be feasibly held. In the meantime, you can still view the programmes and information for both the World Congress and the Friendship Week.

65th IPA World Congress Invitation

65th IPA World Congress Programme

65th IPA World Congress Information Guide

65th IPA World Congress Friendship Week Programme

65th IPA World Congress Friendship Week Information Guide

Further information is available on IPA Spain's World Congress website at wc2020.ipaespana.org, including visa requirements.