Interest groups

One of the many benefits and opportunities the IPA provides is its interest groups that can be found worldwide for our members to enjoy. The Socio-Cultural Commission is responsible for the development and promotion of social and cultural activities within the IPA and IPA Photo 7hobbies on an international level.

DSC 0040Many IPA interest groups have been formed throughout the years by members who wanted to create a platform for hobbyists and enthusiasts, and also to share their passions and create new friendships within the association. We now have a huge variety of interest groups for endless types of hobbies - everything from hiking clubs, to motorcycling groups, to collectors' clubs, and much more.

Our interest groups will usually hold events throughout the year for their members to participate in, which gives them an opportunity to explore new parts of the world and also extend and maintain their friendship circle within the IPA.

Below you can find some examples of our popular groups:

Hiking groups

Monte Cacciatore 2071 mAcross the IPA, hiking groups have proven to be very popular among our National Sections and our members. There are now many hiking groups across the world, which organise frequent events that cater for families and people of every fitness level. This gives all of our members an equal opportunity to experience some of the most breathtaking sights across the planet!



Motorycling groups349 IT Dolomites 3

Motorcycling is also a very popular hobby in the IPA. Numerous motorcycling events take place every year, and often consist of long rallies through idyllic landscapes, such as the beautiful Dolomites in Italy. Alongside this, these events also provide a great social experience with other IPA members, and a chance to explore new terrain with your motorcycle.


Collector/trading clubs

Nacho from Barcelona with the Consol MajorA large number of our members love collecting and trading police related memorabilia and insignias, which has led to the establishment of many trading/collecting shows that are hosted yearly by a number of our National Sections. These events offer a great opportunity to trade and expand your personal collection, and also create new friendships with fellow collectors within the IPA.

An official IPA Collectors Facebook group was launched in September 2020 by the Socio-Cultural Commission of the IPA. The group is administrated by SCC member Zdravko Đurić. There were previously many small groups for this purpose, but they were scattered, and thus, making the process long and drawn-out for those IPA members who are interested in this hobby, which is why this official group has been created, and it is supported by the IEB.

IPA Collectors Facebook Group Letter



Shooting clubs

Shooting clubs are another activity enjoyed by many members within our association, and a wide range of events and competitions involving different shooting disciplines take place every year. Our shooting groups host everything from trap shooting to sharpshooting and pistol shooting, and shooting was even featured in the IPA Games - our biennial sports competition that was inaugurated in 2018.

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Caravan and camping clubs

Caravan and camping clubs in the IPA give members the opportunity to travel and experience different sights while in the company of likeminded people who love to travel and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow IPA members. Rallies are organised in many different parts of countries and can include optional activities such as guided walks, tours, boat trips, outdoor games, treasure hunts, and much more.

IPA UK in particular take pride in their Caravan and Camping special interest group, where roughly 50 members frequently gather with their families in a relaxed and friendly environment where they can pursue their hobbies to the full. IPA UK's club regularly organises rallies in picturesque locations across the UK, including Cornwall, Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire to name a few, plus they have also previously organised rallies in both France and the Czech Republic.

IPA UK's Rally List for 2022 is now available.

IPA UK Jubilee Rally 2022 Information

IPA UK AGM Rally 2022 Information

IPA UK Caravan and Camping Club FAQs


The above are just a few examples of many popular interest groups that we have to offer in the IPA. There are a lot of fun activities and events to get involved in, and some other examples of interest groups you can expect to find are diving groups, photography groups, skiing groups, choirs, and much more!

To find out what interest groups your own National Section has that you would like to participate in, we suggest contacting them directly and asking about upcoming events/activities. The contact details of each National Section can be found here. If you wish to put an item on this page, you should contact the Socio-Cultural Commission Chair, Kyriakos Karkalis at