1200 nautical miles of Baltic adventure – ‘Operation Blue Sail’

05 Sep 2019

5 (1)‘Operation Blue Sail’ was an 11-day journey, with the main purpose of reaching the Latvian port of Riga. The expedition was organised by the Police Sailing Club ‘Wodnik’ (English: Aquarius) at the Police Trade Union of Dolnośląskie Province, which also gathers IPA members from the IPA Wrocław Region.

During the three-week cruise, 16 sailors (male and female) from the Police Sailing Club ‘Wodnik’ covered a distance of over 1,200 nautical miles, docking at 10 locations of the central and southern Baltic.

After sailing for 10 days, the port of destination, the capital of Latvia - Riga, was reached. The crew were welcomed by the representatives of IPA Section Latvia, and the policemen and -women prepared for the second part of their journey, the return to Poland.

A two-day stay in Riga, thanks to the colleagues from the Latvian IPA, enabled all crew members to do some sightseeing across the city and to visit its most interesting museums, including the Museum of the Police and the Riga Police. Polish sailors invited Latvian colleagues to take part in ‘Captain’s Evening’ – a ceremony of passing over the helm, followed by fellowship.

The journey to Riga was the third edition of an event called ‘Operation Blue Sail’, which aims at integrating the sailing society. During previous editions, the sailors visited Sassnitz, Copenhagen, Malmö, Klintholm and the ports of Danish Bornholm.

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Text: Bartosz Wanot, Translation: Michał Sługocki, IPA Poland