1st IPA World Class Policing Award postponed to 2022

30 Mar 2021

Given the global pandemic, plus its associated travel restrictions, the IPA World Class Policing Award (IPA WCPA) will be postponed until 2022, to open the possibility for every finalist to be present at the gala evening.

Although it is without doubt disappointing to postpone the very first IPA WCPA, I am convinced that the value of having the award presented live on stage, and to be recognised in the presence of international policing representatives, is the core value for the finalists.

Please note that all those who have already entered for the 2021 award will automatically have their nomination carried forward to next year.

We are looking forward to launching the IPA World Class Policing Awards 2022 early next year in the IPA Newsletter.

In the meantime, please identify suitable nominees.

The IPA WCPA may be awarded to any individual or organisation for a special and lasting contribution to police research or successful police cross-border operation in crime prevention, matters of Human Rights or the preservation of World Peace.

For additional information on the postponement of the World Class Policing Awards and preparations for 2022, please visit:



May-Britt V. R. Ronnebro, Secretary General