1st Shooting Tournament – President’s Cup for IPA Poland’s Lower Silesian Provincial Group

22 Nov 2021

On 25th September 2021, the 1st Shooting Tournament for the President’s Cup of the IPA Lower Silesian Provincial Group took place at the shooting range in Tuszyn near Dzierżoniów. Representatives of the IPA Regions from Wrocław, Głogów, Uroczysko-Piechowice, Milicz and Jelenia Góra turned up at the shooting range.plshooting

The event was organised by the Firearms Enthusiasts and Collectors Association "Pallad 1974", in cooperation with the Uniformed Services Weapons Collectors and Enthusiasts Association "WANAD".

As part of the competition, the best shooters in terms of skill, accuracy and precision were selected in three disciplines: Pistol, Pistol/Carbine, Pump-action shotgun.

Members of IPA regions from Lower Silesia competed at shooting stands under the watchful eye of instructors from the "Pallad 1974" Association, Paweł Rybarczyk and Radosław Damian, and the correctness and reliability of the results were supervised by a committee from the "WANAD" Association composed of Gracjan Mieszkała and Jacek Ptaszek.

After a spirited competition, the winners were decided as follows:



1st place – Grzegorz Długaszewski (Uroczysko-Piechowice)

2nd place – Paweł Kryczek (Uroczysko-Piechowice)

3rd place – Bartosz Starczewski (Milicz)



1st place – Paweł Kryczek (Uroczysko-Piechowice)

2nd place – Paweł Kornalski (Wrocław)

3rd place – Bartosz Starczewski (Milicz)


Pump-action shotgun:

            1st place – Marek Tarnawski (Wrocław)

            2nd place – Mirosław Nowak (Głogów)

            3rd place – Bartosz Starczewski (Milicz)


Winners of the President’s Cup:

            1st place – Bartosz Starczewski (Milicz)

            2nd place – Paweł Kryczek (Uroczysko-Piechowice)

            3rd place – Grzegorz Długaszewski (Uroczysko-Piechowice)


The President’s Cup in the open category was won by Aleksandra Załęska from Wrocław, who won the trophy as the best contestant among women.

The tournament was held thanks to the involvement of individuals and organisations in promotion of the ideals of Servo per Amikeco.


We would like to thank the organisers: the „Pallad 1974” Association and its President Arkadiusz Hołub; the „WANAD” Association; Adrian Mikołajczak; Aleksandra Hołub and Ryszard Urban.

We are grateful to the members of the IPA Regions for turning up in large numbers, and for an exciting competition in the spirit of friendship.

We would also like to thank the President of the IPA Lower Silesian Provincial Group, Bartłomiej Majchrzak, for his initiative of integrating us through a sports competition.

We hope for an equally exciting rivalry in the next editions of the Tournament.

Servo per Amikeco,

Michał Sługocki, Secretary IPA Region Wrocław, Poland