29th International Half Marathon Piła with IPA participation from Poland and Israel

19 Oct 2019

PILA (3)On 8 September 2019, around 2700 runners from Poland and other countries took part in the 29th Signify Philips International Half Marathon in Piła. 2,668 participants finished the race.

For the fifth time, the International Open Police Cup in Half Marathon took place as part of the event, in cooperation with the Police School in Piła and the IPA Greater Poland Group, with the participation of 82 police officers from Poland and 14 from Israel.

The Police School in Piła was represented by Jarosław Pińkowski, Radosław Słabaczewski and Marek Starosta – a student of the Police School in Piła. Jarosław Pińkowski won the cup for the best policeman-runner from the Police School in Piła (1:26:05).

The trophies and other prizes were donated by the Chief Commander of the Police, the Commander of the Police School in Piła, the International Police Association, the Police Trade Union and the local authorities of Piła.

Additionally, every runner received a medal at the finish line with the image of Zbigniew Nadolski, a famous Polish marathon runner of the ‘90s, who is coaching many long-distance runners nowadays.

PILA (1)

It is worth mentioning that this is the fourteenth medal with an image of a famous Polish marathon runner in the unique collection of medals given to every runner after finishing the half marathon in Piła.

The classification of the International Open Police Cup – Half Marathon was as follows:


  1. Patrycja BOSIAK (Wrocław, Poland) 1:25:20
  2. Katarzyna CHORZEWSKA (Łódź, Poland) 1:35:41
  3. Renata PIECH (Wrocław, Poland) 1:50:43


  1. Łukasz MARCJANEK (Wrocław, Poland 1:15:27
  2. Piotr JARZĄB (Bydgoszcz, Poland) 1:19:17
  3. Mariusz BANDOCH (Bydgoszcz, Poland) 1:19:28

Team classification

  1. Provincial Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz
  2. District Police Headquarters in Świecie
  3. District Police Headquarters in Człuchów

Best foreign team

IPA Israel Police

The trophies were presented by the Commander of the Police School in Piła, Colonel Beata Różniak-Krzeszewska, the President of the IPA Group of Greater Poland, Major Witold Drzażdżyński, and the chairman of the Police Trade Union at the Police School in Piła, Second Lt. Przemysław Zublewicz.

Text: Katarzyna Budzyńska; Photos Sebastian Wegner, IPA Poland