2nd IPA International Festival of Folklore and Songs - First-Hand Impressions

15 Jun 2022

After a break due to the Corona pandemic, the tradition of holding a Folklore Festival, which had started in Bulgaria, was renewed with IPA Cyprus organising the 2nd edition of this event in May 2022, with 6 IPA sections bringing together 200 singers and dancers.

The opening of the festival in the city of Protaras began with a march on the main street, with the municipal orchestra, flags, music and great joy, including audience participation.

The event was attended by the Minister of Culture of Cyprus; the President of IPA Cyprus, who is also the Deputy Chief of Police; the Mayor; the Commander of the UN Multinational Force, and many others.

To the great delight of the audience and the participants, the event also included a presentation of traditional refreshments by the delegations.

The main festival took place in Ayia Napa, featuring a ceremonial march with the police orchestra and a large crowd on the main street. The IPA anthem was performed by the police orchestra, and the Jerusalem District Police Band from Israel were the first performers. The event continued with dancers and musicians from IPA Romania performing dances that swept the entire audience. Next, dancers from the IPA Bulgarian section performed, followed by a large group of Cretan dancers from Greece and Cyprus. All performances received roaring applause from the audience, who joined in to dance until late at night.

The festival ended on Saturday night with an 80’s disco party conducted by IPA Famagusta President George Demetriou. A colourful and exciting event, befitting a large, happy, and impressive gathering.

The Folklore Festival is part of the initiatives of the IPA Socio-Cultural Commission, and started with adv. Gal Sharon as Chairperson, and is now chaired by Kyriakos Karkalis.

A big thank-you to IPA Cyprus for hosting and organising this great festival, and thank you also to the friends who managed the event: Kikis Pericleous, Secretary General of the section, George Demetriou, President of the Famagusta branch and to the President of the section, Demetris Demetriou.

Dr Eran Israel, Secretary General IPA Israel