4th International Conference - Security of Historical Cities 2021

29 Dec 2021

The fourth Conference on "Security of Historical cities - Partnership for secure everyday life", was organised from 4-5 November in the Salona Palace hotel in Solin, Croatia. It was the product of an effective partnership of IPA Split-Dalmatia, a club of the Police Officers and retired Ministry of Interior staff, with the Croatian Association of the Historical Cities, the Department of Forensic Sciences of the University of Split and the Tourist Board of the Split-Dalmatia County.646 HRconf2

The number of interested participants proved that the conference themes and organisation model were a good choice for the present moment. On the first day of the conference, organised in the main conference Hall of the Salona Palace hotel, numerous representatives of the local authorities from Croatia and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina were present.

This enabled the conference message - functional cooperation of the services and institutions on a local level - to reach those responsible for cooperation in the field.

Five ministers of interior affairs from five cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the heads of the police administrations from Zadar, Šibensko - kninska, Dubrovnik, Brodsko - posavska and Splitsko – dalmatinska, took part actively in the conference. Furthermore, the event became a meeting point for numerous crime prevention police officers from the police administrations in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia. It was an excellent opportunity for the exchange of experiences and planning for future cooperation.

Alongside the host lecturers from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia, the Police Administration Split-Dalmatia, and the administrations of Split, Solin and Pula, lecturers from France, Israel and Germany gave presentations on various topics.

The lecturers presented their experiences from the crime prevention fields in their countries and regions, which was a chance for other participants to compare their experiences and knowledge with the international standards.

Besides the members from the IPA Regional Club Splitsko – dalmatinska, the event was also attended by members from neighbouring IPA clubs and sections:  IPA Bosnia and Herzegovina, IPA Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), IPA Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), IPA Livno (Bosnia and Herzegovina), IPA Western Herzegovina County (Bosnia and Herzegovina), IPA Montenegro, IPA Dubrovnik (Croatia), IPA šibensko – kninska (Croatia), IPA Zagreb (Croatia), IPA brodsko – posavska (Croatia) and for the third year in a row, IPA Stuttgart (Germany).

The conference was supported by: the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia, represented by Mr Zoran Ničeno; the Police Administration of Split-Dalmatia, Split-Dalmatia County, represented by the County Prefect Mr Blaženko Boban, who opened the conference; the City of Split, represented by the mayor Mr Ivica Puljak; the City of Solin, represented by the mayor Mr Dalibor Ninčević, the Community Council of Klis, represented by the Head of the Community Mr Jakov Vetma, and many other mayors and heads of communities from the Split-Dalmatia County and from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conference was also supported by the various local offices of the state institutions.


All participants, including all those listed, as well as those who are not mentioned here for brevity reasons, helped in the realisation of the idea of the conference initiators - IPA Split-Dalmatia - an effective partnership for the security on the local level. This partnership always includes a place for the IPA clubs and the police officers, active or retired, who can share their knowledge and skills for the benefit of their local communities.

Slobodan Marendić, Perica Orešković, IPA splitsko – dalmatinska, Croatia