7th International Five-a-Side Football Tournament organised by IPA Regional Club West Herzegovina

29 Sep 2021

The traditional 7th International 5-a-Side Football Tournament IPA West Herzegovina (IPA ŽZH) was held on 26th June 2021 at the Sports Centre in Posušje, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). 26 June marks the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Young people are important actors in addiction prevention, and our 5-a-side football tournament is an example of a healthy life without intoxicants.

Seven teams from the following sections and clubs took part: IPA Split-Imotski, Croatia, IPA Dubrovnik, Croatia, and IPA Montenegro. From the host’s side, teams from the regional clubs IPA Bijeljina, IPA Unsko-sanska, IPA Herzeg-Bosnia and IPA West Herzegovina County (IPA ŽZH) participated in the tournament. 


The IPA Vukovar team from Croatia, which did not compete this time, won the interim trophy for their permanent ownership in 2019, after winning the tournament three times in a row.

The winner 2021 was the host IPA ŽZH, who defeated the very good team of IPA Montenegro in a dramatic final, by taking penalty kicks. The best player of the tournament, Marko Polić, also came from the winning team IPA ŽZH, and received a mobile phone as a prize from the sponsors HT Eronet.

The second place in the tournament was won by the IPA Montenegro team, and the bronze medal went to the IPA Dubrovnik team. The best goalkeeper was Mirko Drobnjak from IPA Montenegro, the best scorer of the tournament was Željko Adžić from IPA Montenegro, and the fair-play award was won by the IPA Split-Imotski team.

The winners were awarded trophies and medals by the Mayor of Posušje, Mr. Ante Begić, and the President of IPA ŽZH, Mr. Zoran Smital.


About 150-200 IPA members, competitors and guests celebrated the victory and our traditional friendship with a barbecue, drinks and music.

Our celebrations were enriched by the presence of the Director of the BiH Border Police, Mr. Zoran Galić, Member of the House of Peoples of the Parliament of the Federation of BiH, Mr. Damir Jurišić, Minister of the Ministry of the Interior of the West Herzegovina County Mr. David Grbavac, directors of the police of Herzeg-Bosnia County and the West Herzegovina County, respectively Mr. Ilija Jakić and Mr. Milan Galić, and businessmen, sponsors and donors. These are all people who, whenever they have free time, enjoy the charms of our traditional tournament.

The gathering lasted until the early morning hours, and was enjoyed by all participants, as we had not met for more than a year due to the pandemic. Finally, it was an opportunity to share experiences and future plans.

We are happy to say that the event was successful and well organised thanks to the diligent work of our members, who do everything to make the tournament better and better every year, and according to the competitors and guests, unforgettable.

Servo per Amikeco,

Zoran Smital, President Regional Club IPA West Herzegovina County