7th International Shooting Competition organised by IPA Croatia’s Regional Club Split-Dalmatia

20 Jun 2019

The traditional 7th International Shooting Competition IPA SD was held on 4th May 2019 on the shooting ground in Stobreč, Croatia. A total of 85 participants including  24 teams and 12 individual competitors from the following sections and clubs took part: IPA Trnava - Slovakia, IPA Stuttgart - Germany,IMG 0500 IPA Section Montenegro, IPA Bijeljina - Bosnia & Herzegovina, IPA County Herzeg-Bosnia, Livno - Bosnia & Herzegovina, IPA County Western Herzegovina, Grude - Bosnia & Herzegovina, Border Police Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ministry of Interior, County Herzeg-Bosnia, Mostar - Bosnia & Herzegovina - and for the first time teams from IPA Banja Luka, IPA Tuzl, and IPA Zenica (all Bosnia & Herzegovina). Besides these, there were further competitors, such as the cadets of the Police Academy of Montenegro, and the Police Academy Zagreb. From the host's side, the teams from IPA Zagreb, IPA Medjimurje, IPA Brodsko-Posavska and IPA Ličko-senjsk, plus the team of the Special Police Unit Split-Dalmatia actively participated in the competition.

The celebration of the traditional friendship continued with our old friends in the Hotel Fanat in Split, where the representatives of the mayor of Split, Mr Ivica Grljušić and of the Head of Split-Dalmatia County, Mr Tomislav Đonlić, joined the festivities. Furthermore, the celebrations were enriched by the presence of the President of IPA Montenegro, Mr Vojislav Dragović, the acting President of IPA Bosnia & Herzegovina, Mr Zoran Smital, as well as the representative of the Border Police of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Mr Ivan Mišetić. IPA Croatia was represented by the Secretary-General of the section, Željko Turk, who attended on behalf of the President.

The dinner, which lasted all evening, was enjoyed by all participants and allowed for the exchange of past experiences and future plans. We are happy to say that the event was successful, and we hope to see an even greater number of participants in the future.


Željko Turk, Secretary General IPA Croatia