A memorable IEB Meeting in Albania

13 Jul 2022

From 1-5 June 2022, the IEB held its first face-to-face meeting since the virtual IPA World Congress 2021. The location of our meeting was Vlorë, a seaside town in Albania, a country which currently holds the status of a provisionally affiliated IPA section. The hospitality of our Albanian colleagues was a highlight of the meeting. Throughout our stay, Skender Doda, the President, his committee and many other colleagues and IPA members did everything possible to ensure that our stay was a success. A big thank-you from the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of all IEB members.

iebal2We devoted two full days to work. The first day focused on ongoing actions as well as the validation of official IEB recommendations for motions submitted by the sections, and the finalisation of documents for the upcoming World Congress. We also had the opportunity to hold a brief session with the Regional Director of Police, the Mayor of Vlorë, and other prominent personalities, at the invitation of our Albanian friends. This was a valuable and appreciated meeting, as it is important for the IPA to maintain links with police chiefs and political representatives. Our legitimacy and our development depend on these recognitions and good relations.

At the end of the meeting, a surprise awaited us! We boarded a speedboat, escorted by a police boat, and made our way across the bay to the beautiful Haxhi Ali Cave before returning for a joint meal with our local friends.

On the second day, the IEB first reviewed the programme for the next World Congress, before spending valuable time reflecting on several strategic issues concerning our association, including the current status and future of the ERC (a motion on this subject will be submitted to the delegates at the next Congress), IPA marketing, digitalisation within the IPA, the affiliation procedure, etc. The debates were lively, interesting and gave rise to some great ideas, which we will be sure to share when we meet at the World Congress in October.

The IPA in the Vlorë region, concerned about our overly studious state, had organised a fish meal for us at midday, by the sea, a break which was very pleasant. In the evening, we were joined by delegations from North Macedonia, led by the section’s president and friend Robertino, and from Montenegro, led by the former president and friend Vojo, who accompanied us until the end of our stay.

Finally, on the last day, our Albanian friends had organised a socio-cultural outing. We left Vlorë for the south and, via the coastal road, reached Saranda and the Butrint National Park for a guided tour of the archaeological, historical and natural sites of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. After lunch, the more adventurous of us jumped into the water for a welcome swim, before heading back to Vlorë through the centre of the country and discovering some beautiful scenery.


Our official stay ended with an exceptional evening, in a restaurant in the hills above Vlorë, around a richly laid table where friendship and laughter mingled, sometimes even to the sound of local polyphonic music. What can I say, but a huge thank you once again to you Skender, to your colleagues of the national committee, and to all the IPA friends from Albania we met during our stay.

 Your motivation for our association is beautiful to see, you have done a great deal of work to establish the IPA in your country, and we could feel that the roots were now firmly planted, solid and promising a beautiful future!

We had a wonderful stay in Albania, it is so good to once more experience the atmosphere of face-to-face IPA meetings that we have missed so much in the last couple of years.

Servo per Amikeco,

Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President