Awardees of the Arthur Troop Scholarship 2020

27 Nov 2019

We are happy to announce the names of the ATS awardees for 2020!

All names and IPA sections, as well as the allocated award sum for the ATS were presented at the IPA World Congress 2019 in Croatia in October.


Awardee:                                    Section:

Romeo Drobarov                         North Macedonia

Janet Zammit                              Malta

Mike Liu                                      Canada

Casper Kiilerich                           Denmark

John Kalelu Matheka                   Kenya

Roshan C. K. Gamage                Sri Lanka

Andrea Càceres                          Peru

Christopher Scott                        New Zealand

Anita Kovačič Čelofiga                 Slovenia

Mustafa Popalzai                         Canada

Among the Arthur Troop Scholarship awardees for 2020, over half have chosen to attend IPA seminars at our education facility IBZ Gimborn, with the remainder planning to attend other IPA and police conferences.

We are looking forward to reading their reports, which will either be published in the IPA Newsletter or posted on the IPA website and circulated to all IPA secions.


May-Britt R. Ronnebro,  Former Chairperson of the Professional Commission

Demetris Demetriou, Chairperson of the Professional Commission