Blue November – IPA Brazil

27 Dec 2021

November was considered in Brazil as the “blue month”, due to a campaign launched by the Ministry of Health against prostate cancer. The Brazilian Section of the IPA embraced this cause by launching a strong media campaign targeting the country's police from the age of 45 to have a chat with their doctor, and aimed at convincing the police to take the necessary examination. Prostate cancer causes the death of 28.6% of the male population in Brazil, that is one death every 38 minutes. In partnership with the National Association of Medical Law - ANADEM, IPA Brazil reached 68.4% of the Brazilian police population, an unprecedented number.


The blue November of IPA Brazil did not stop at recommending a chat with the doctor: In a memorable ceremony in the evening of 6 November 2021, which took place in the auditorium of the World Parliament of the Ecumenical Fraternity (LBV), in Brasília/DF Brazil, members of the Academic Center of IPA Brazil received the title of “Doctor Honoris Causa”, accredited by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC).The Diploma was awarded by UNISCECAP and by the Wester Christian University (UWC), in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, represented by its Deans, Prof. Dr. Hamilton Werneck and Prof. Dr. Ronald Prater.

The event was attended by family members and recognised national and international academic masters, in a ceremonial that referred to the past 400 years of diplomas, with the traditional march of "knowledge", in addition to the academic ritual of the award, accompanied by the chords of violins of teachers at the Brasília School of Music.

Taking the floor, the president of IPA Brazil stated: "In these liquid times of Zygmunt Bauman, in which we live, where "things" change very quickly, under the slightest pressure, a fact that makes us unable to maintain the same shape for a long time, I see the police segment as the lid of what is necessary to be solid, and that does not slip down the drain. It is up to the graduates with this important title that they do not leave their studies that gave rise to this diploma, to run with time, as we must always keep in mind the need for a safe haven; and the construction of this is your share from this moment on.”

Joel Zarpellon Mazo, President IPA Brazil