'Bricks for Gimborn' initiative

14 Aug 2019

Ahead of their 50th anniversary celebrations at the end of August, IBZ Gimborn have established a fundraising initiative named 'Bricks for Gimborn' in order to help renovate the guest rooms at the castle. If you would like to congratulate IBZ Gimborn on their 50th anniversary, you could consider contributing to their fundraiser. Donors of €50 or more will be mailed a prestigious certificate. Donors of €100 or more will have their names published on a plate in Gimborn. Every donation is appreciated!

A letter from IPA Germany President Horst W. Bichl regarding 'Bricks for Gimborn':

Dear IPA friends,

As you all know the IBZ Castle Gimborn is looking forward to its 50th anniversary which will be celebrated at the last weekend of August.

You probably want to congratulate the IBZ and maybe you also think about a gift you could make. For this purpose, we established the “Bricks for Gimborn” initiative. You are welcome to join the initiative and contribute to the renovation of the guest rooms.

For donations of 50 € and above the donor gets a prestigious certificate by mail. For donations of 100 € and above the donor’s name will be published on a plate in Gimborn.

Donation per bank transfer: Postbank Köln
IBAN: DE65 3701 0050 0008 8015 05
Donation per PAYPAL: https://www.ibz-gimborn.de/spenden.html
Cash in the conference office at the IBZ.

Allow me to point out that I was the first to contribute with 100 €.

Please, don’t hesitate. Support the IBZ so they can keep on working successfully for a further 50 years in line with the ideas and the spirit of the IPA.

If you rather support the IBZ constantly, become a member of the IBZ Castle Gimborn e.V.

I wish you a lovely summer and hope the IBZ will be blessed with generous contributions.