Defensive Tactics Group Training with IPA Brazil

10 Jan 2020

The Brazilian Section of the International Police Association promoted a Tactical Defense Techniques course from 4-7 December 2019 at the Federal Police Operational Tactical Command Training Centre, COT.


The Defense Tactics Group (DTG) was originally set up by IPA United Kingdom, in particular by its founder and director, police officer Robert Stenhouse.

Brazilian police officers from tactical operations sectors of the Brazilian police institutions: Federal Police - (COT); Civil Police - (GOE); Military Police - (BOPE); Federal Highway Police - (GRR); and Municipal Guard (GAT), participated in intensive knowledge training on explosive self-defence techniques, knife defence / awareness, weapon retention, instinctive shooting, active sniper defence, first person on the scene, and combat psychology developed by DTG / IPA.


The success of the course is reflected in numerous official requests received by the President of IPA Brazil, for new DTG courses to be developed for a larger clientele of the police.

IPA Brazil's Board of Academic Studies and Training has already begun work on the development of new courses for the year 2020.

Joel Zarpellon Mazo, President IPA Brazil