Delegation of the Philippines visits IPA Macau

06 Jan 2019

As most of our fellow sections know,  IPA Macau has been paying as much attention on the development of the Asian Affairs Bureau (AAB) as possible in recent years. Towards the end of 2018, significant new progress was achieved with this project.

A delegation of the Philippines Police Service, led by the Police Chief Superintendent Rhodel O Sermonia, made a short visit to Macau and met with Section Macau during their stay.

This is the first time that IPA Macau held a meeting with the Police Service of the Philippines in Macau. IPA Macau’s President Lei took the opportunity to introduce and share details about the IPA’s mission, plus referred to the activities and benefits that we have within the platform of the IPA. He also stated that  for many years, the IPA has been striving very hard around the world to facilitate international corporation with the aim of world peace.

Mr. Sermonia and his fellow associates all agreed with the mission of the IPA. Moreover, they showed a keen interest in the training activities that we have within the association. Mr Sermonia furthermore stated that he would love to assist and facilitate the progress, with the aim of the Philippines being able to join the IPA in the near future,  and to start international corporation with members around the world, so as to enhance professional knowledge, as well as widen the vision of the law enforcement service in the Philippines.

Even though it will take a while before we can welcome the Philippines into our IPA family, we consider this a good start and see it as progress to promote the IPA in new regions in the world.

Servo Per Amikeco!

IPA Macau