Elections in IPA Israel

16 Jan 2019

The election for all positions in IPA Israel ended in December. Open to each of the 23,750 members of the association in Israel, including the possibility of being candidate for each position, the election included three categories: president, members of the NEC, and heads of local branches.

It is a very complex logistical challenge, since the election process takes three months, during which a first message is sent to members, then an external election committee is set up, headed by a judge or a senior lawyer who is not an IPA member.

A booklet of candidates is presented, in which all candidates for all positions are listed. Each member receives this booklet in the mail together with an envelope containing the ballot forms. 

After an external company has performed a scan of all forms, the results are forwarded to the Elections Committee, which then holds the first presidential meeting and announces the results. The new NEC elects the officials in the presidency.

The elections 2018 resulted in the following:  Yaacov Terner was re-elected as the national IPA president with more than 80% of the votes. I received more than 60% of the votes and was re-elected as national Vice President, and Dr. Eran Israel received more than 45% of the votes and was re-elected as Secretary General.

I wish the re-elected President, the new NEC as well as all my friends in IPA Israel a friendly and efficient term in the spirit of the IPA.

Gal Sharon, IPA Vice President and Vice President IPA Israel