Establishing Inner Peace

26 Apr 2021

In these difficult times, the police and all security agencies have had a very difficult job. They have been fighting an "unknown" criminal. But not in the physical sense. The many measures that were imposed made the job all the more difficult, and at the same time the fear people experienced gave rise to various fears, hardships, as well as negative reactions. People basically did not even recognise each other anymore, and therefore there was an increase in violence, even in families where you wouldn't think such a thing was possible.

However, as police officers are not robots, but only human, this touched and affected them, you could even say it hurt them mentally. This means they need rehabilitation, and I have therefore prepared a few tips.

Most importantly, now that "isolation" is coming to an end and we have to live anew, is that we are aware that life will not be the same. The people we knew will be different, the relationship with them will also be different. Suddenly we will have the feeling that we are in a completely different world, even though everything will look the same. We humans have changed inwardly.

It is vital now to find a balance in all this confusion, and we will be able to do this if we work on the personal variables in the following order:


First step: WORK ABOVE THE BODY (food, exercise)

The central organ of the whole body is our brain. The brain needs enough oxygen and enough fresh blood. The higher the load, the higher the consumption. If the body is not sufficiently supplied, it cannot supply the brain with enough high-quality oxygen and blood. In such a case the brain gives the body information to slow down, and we suddenly become tired and lazy. The brain will make sure that it always has enough, even if other organs and body functions suffer.

Personal transformation is an emotionally stressful process, so it is important that the body is strong enough to withstand these efforts.



The second aspect is our intellect, so again our brain. Since we spend most of the day dealing with a particular problem or the same types of problems, the brain becomes "unbalanced". A counterweight has to be given. Therefore it is useful to introduce a brain exercise in the second half of the day, maybe a video game, reading books, or learning from a completely different area, solving crosswords, or mental challenges ... Anything, but definitely not television. Occasionally we may look at some creative content or notes for our current life, but anything else is not recommended.



Step Three: EMOTIONS

In third place are our emotions. I am not talking about love, romance, art ... It is really about fun. Let's start exploring where we have fun. Above all, let's observe what we enjoy in our daily activities, where we find relaxation and playfulness. In short: let us enjoy.


Fourth step: SOUL

In the end, all that remains is our soul. This is really comforting, or a retreat where we focus on ourselves. Some consider it a prayer, others a meditation, a third a beer after work, a fourth a walk in nature ... In short, it is a time when we can be alone and concentrate on our thoughts.


When we start to deal with these four components in parallel, we take a step towards inner peace. If we only deal with one or two components, we will not progress much, because we will tear off other components. In this way we will go round and round even more, and it will become more and more difficult for us ...

To illustrate this with an example: If we only do sports, we will end up running a marathon or even longer (or we will constantly need more effort), but not peace, which we will never achieve.

Over a period of ten days, all activities must be equally satisfied with approximately the same intensity.

"But when do we have time for all this?" one could say. We have time. But in order not to create panic and confusion, it is important that you start making changes and slowly work on yourself, within the framework of what you are already doing. Above all, be aware that you will be slower and more tolerant at the finish line much earlier than when you are looking for shortcuts.

When we experience what we like about all these components, we suddenly start to have fun and focus more and more on ourselves. Suddenly we are no longer interested in the outside world, but more in our inner world.

In a way, we build a fence against all the negative influences we have had so far, because we simply no longer see them. We spontaneously stop dealing with negative things. We only deal with our energy.

In this way, we set out on the path of inner peace. This peace has to be constantly maintained. How and why? So that you can enjoy your daily tasks. Eventually, you will not do anything that you do not enjoy doing.

Captain Milan Krajnc, PhD, Member IPA Hungary