Festive Inauguration of Portugal’s IPA Madeira House

05 Jun 2022

On the 1st of April 2022, the Portuguese Section inaugurated the IPA Madeira house. Several local entities were present at this act: His Excellency the Regional Secretary for Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Jorge Carvalho, represented his Excellency the President of the Regional Government of Madeira, and presided over the ceremonies, knowing that his representation was a source of satisfaction and pride for us, and showed the support and consideration of the Regional Government for the work of the police professionals who on a daily basis and without reservation, fulfil their mission in the autonomous region of Madeira.


The presence of Councillors Bruno Pereira, from the Municipality of Funchal and Dr. Rómulo Coelho, President of the Parish Council of S. Martinho, was for us an unmistakable sign of the recognition and support they have always given us and shows how important it is to share mutual help between the IPA and local civil entities. All police forces that are part of this association were represented by their Regional Commanders:

  • Regional Commander of Madeira, of the Public Security Police, Chief Superintendent Luís Filipe Sousa,
  • Replacing the Commander of the Territorial Command of Madeira, of the National Republican Guard, Ensign João Xavier,
  • Coordinator of the Madeira Judicial Police, Dr. Ricardo Tecedeiro,
  • On behalf of the Commander of the Maritime Police of Madeira, Deputy Chief Paulo Semedo of the Maritime Police of Funchal,
  • Director of the Funchal Prison Establishment, Dr. Fernando Santos,
  • Reg. Insp. of the Reg. Authority for Economic Activities, Dr. Luis Miguel Rosa.


For IPA Portugal, the presence of all representatives of the Security Forces means a sign of appreciation, friendship, consideration and esteem for this association. They are the leaders of women and men, our effective and potential associates, who on a daily basis contribute with their work to the safety of the citizens of this Atlantic paradise and, without reservation, dignify the image and prestige of the Police, in the most diverse strands.

The dream of this project, a great objective of this mandate and showing the effort of all who selflessly invested their time, took shape and will allow the Madeira region much more than having its own headquarters to meet and promote its region. It is intended to be a place of union and healthy living among the members of this archipelago, open to IPA members from all over the world.

The Madeira region was created in January 1984, and despite all efforts, had been without its own space for the development of its support activities to associates.


It is due to the perseverance in realising an old desire of the current President of the Region of Madeira, Ricardo Fernandes, that the inauguration of the IPA Madeira House could take place.

IPA Madeira is to be congratulated and from now on will be able to welcome associates from all over the world and meet in its own headquarters.

But the most important is to focus on what I truly consider the greatest value of any organisation. In other words, the people, our Associates.

We will continue tirelessly in the pursuit of our goals, and we will do our best for our associates, honouring this institution of ours.

The IPA Madeira House is a heritage acquired by the members of IPA Portugal. Without them, this dream would not have become possible. Therefore, I urge everyone to make the best use of these facilities, so that everybody, associates and family members, can enjoy the comfort the IPA House Madeira will certainly provide.

A thank you to all – Servo per Amikeco

Paula Borralho, President IPA Portugal