Founding Meeting in Albania

24 Jun 2020

The IPA welcomed a new Section in Foundation on 29 February 2020, in the capital of Albania, Tirana.alb3

My husband and I were greeted at Tirana Airport by Skender Doda, who granted us a wonderful stay in Tirana with nice outings into the neighbourhood of the city.

Together with Mr. Doda we visited the largest bunker system in Albania with a historic museum, and an art gallery including a theatre. This was followed by a cable car tour up in the mountains in strong winds and snowfall, but providing lovely views. Mr. Doda entertained us with anecdotes, historical facts and tales from his country. This gift later turned out to be a talent amongst many of the new Albanian friends we met.


The original Albanian police was founded on 13 January 1913 by the government of Ismail Qemali, Albania's first prime minister. In 2014, the Ministry of Internal Affairs started a modernisation process of the Albanian police, with regard to equipment and methods. The Albanian State Police is the national police and law enforcement agency which operates throughout the Republic of Albania. They have ~11,000 employees.

In connection with the upcoming Founding Meeting, we met with IPA friends from many neighbouring countries who had taken the opportunity to welcome Albania into the IPA family.

The Founding Meeting with national and international guests was held at a hotel in the centre of Tirana. Before the meeting, we had a short stroll over the large square of Tirana. IPA members gave us a brief guided tour of the location and the buildings surrounding us.

Nearly 200 guests participated in the Founding Meeting, including national media. Many members were present, who until this day had been “Foreign Associate Members of IPA Serbia”, whose membership was transferred to the Section in Foundation IPA Albania during the Founding Meeting. Official national guests included realb4presentatives from the Police of Albania and several religious organisations.

Official speeches were delivered by Mrs. Aida Hajnaj, Deputy Director General of the Albanian State; President Skender Doda; the Secretary General of the IEB, Mrs. May-Britt V. R. Ronnebro; and the national President of IPA Serbia, Dr. Nebojša Pantelic.

The Founding Meeting procedures included the signing of the International Statues as well as the National Statutes, followed by the handing over of the IPA flags and founding documents, including presents. To fulfil the obligations as Section in Foundation, additional elections were held for the positions of Vice President and Treasurer of the National Board. This was followed by an official photo and coffee at the venue.

In the evening, the founding was celebrated at a local Albanian restaurant located on the hillside of Tirana. A traditional meal with Albanian dishes and drinks was served. To mark the event, the Section in Foundation IPA Albania was presented with gifts from their guests, who in return received mementoes from their host. In addition, we enjoyed Albanian music, songs and dances.

A cordial thank-you to IPA Serbia, who has been acting as supporting section of the Albanian members for several years. Dr. Nebojša Pantelic and his team have completed a large amount of work by bringing a new member into the IPA.

I would like to forward a warm welcome to our latest member of the IPA – Section in Foundation IPA Albania!


May-Britt V.R. Ronnebro, Secretary General