Gimborn Talks 2018

05 Dec 2018

This year’s ‘Gimborn Talks’ took place from 19-21 October at IBZ Gimborn castle. Young police colleagues from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK were able to exchange views during these three days, discussing how to make the IPA even more attractive and exciting, how to attract new members and how to integrate existing members better into the IPA. The planning and implementation of the event was handled this year by the ‘Young IPA members’ team of IPA Germany, Philipp Kurz and Nathalie Schultz.FB IMG 1540054584431

The main aim of the meeting was to produce video and photo recordings not only with a patrol car of the German Federal police, but also with a police car from Mechelen/Belgium and an American cop tribute car. These materials can be used at a later stage to create a promotional film, in member magazines and flyers, or to post on social media to attract new IPA members.

The group of 13 young IPA members had an intensive exchange about successful projects of the year 2018 and of course took the chance to look ahead to the next year. The calendar of events in many sections is filled with activities and events for potential and existing young members. National as well as international events all over the world are being planned to live the idea of friendship and also gain professional experience.

Simultaneously to the meeting of the young IPA friends, representatives of IPA Sections Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden  Switzerland and  the UK also got together and discussed the same questions as the young IPA friends.

As a key element, it was stressed that the ideals and goals of our founder should always be in the foreground of every effort: ‘The primary objective of the IPA is to establish friendly relations, mutual assistance and understanding between police officers.’

The next round of our ‘Gimborn Talks’  will take place in autumn 2019 at Gimborn castle, and will be organised by IPA Sweden.

Oliver Hoffmann, Vice President IPA Germany

Nathalie Schultz, IPA Germany representative of ‘Young IPA members’