Happy 70th Anniversary from a Trio of IPA Presidents!

13 Feb 2021

Dear friends,

2020 marked the 70th anniversary of the IPA, and for this occasion, the IPA Region Valais that I chair had prepared a special banner that I am happy to present to all of you. This banner should have been the highlight of a regional event, but due to the Covid restrictions imposed, we unfortunately had to cancel it, similar to most other IPA events in 2020.

I am nevertheless happy to share this banner with you,  and to be able to do so, I asked for the help of two special members of my local IPA region, as I am the happy president of two presidents, namely Jean-Pierre Allet, President of IPA Switzerland, and Pierre-Martin Moulin, the international IPA President.

No matter how much responsibility they have within our association, the president here in Valais, that’s ME 😊.

But I can assure you that we have a great relationship and are excellent friends.

Happy Anniversary to all once more, and Happy New Year !

Alain Masseraz, President of IPA Region Valais, Switzerland