IBZ Gimborn launch new Online Lectures and Courses

30 Mar 2021

What we had feared, and so very much hoped that it would not happen, is now taking place. With the rise of infections and hospital admissions since the beginning of the winter season, people have been confined to their homes and public life once again stands still. Of course, IBZ Gimborn has also been hit by the government’s measures. After reopening in May, we were able to run a number of seminars, even an international one.

But one thing at a time. Before reopening, we deliberately worked out a hygiene concept according to the instructions of the authorities. Only a restricted number of participants in the conference room was allowed. We provided a set seating plan, and everybody had to wear a mask while in the buildings. Social distancing was mandatory and the meals at the Schlosshotel had to be taken in turns if there were two seminar groups at the same time. The biggest challenge was the Turmbar. But that worked out well thanks to a glorious and long-lasting summer. Seminar groups took advantage of the garden grounds and spent long nights outside. Our caretaker Artan made sure everything was sorted for the visitors’ convenience: beer, benches, tables, blankets, a fire bowl and firewood.

It was with hesitation and apprehension, that we looked at the oncoming seminar in cooperation with the Spanish section in September 2020. The number of infections in Spain was already on the rise again at that time, and the German government required PCR tests not older than 42 hours when travelling into Germany. After much back and forth everything was sorted and the Spanish participants arrived, all of them with their negative test results. This was our last bilingual international seminar in 2020. And finally, four IPA members from Austria joined the very last seminar we were able to run in 2020 before we had to shut down again.

During lockdown, an event took place in which the IBZ played a major role as facilitator in working together with the London Policing College during their annual international Conference. May-Britt Ronnebro ran a workshop and gave a talk on the conference supported by IPA members from Ireland (Michael Walsh), Peru (Javier Gamero Kinosita), New Zealand (Simon Williams), and Professor Rick Sarre from Australia. It is IPA member and SIG member David Lewis from the UK to whom we owe this valuable cooperation.

At the end of the year vaccinations started all over Europe. Things are not running as smoothly as we all had hoped they would, and on top of it all mutations of the virus pose a new threat. We have not been idle, however, and have made use of the time. Our technical equipment and requirements have been improved and we adapted our seminar programme to the current situation. Throughout the year, there will be online lectures and courses available. International seminars include the possibility of a hybrid participation if travelling restrictions apply.

The first online lecture was on cybercrime. IBZ Gimborn was proud to host a lecture with the head of the EUROPOL cybercrime unit EC3 Edvardas Šileris on 24 February 2021.

Foreign Experts in Conflict-Affected States                                             

International Mission – I’ve been chosen – what next?

27 March 2021, 18:00 -19:30 CET                                      


Foreign Experts in Conflict-Affected States                                              

 International Missions – How to become a part of it.

13 March 2021, 18:00 – 19:30 CET



This talk will be followed by two lectures on international police peace-keeping operations. We are pleased and honoured to announce two lectures by two high-profile experts in the field of international missions. Gu╠łnther Freisleben and Peter Heepen have several years of experience and will give us an overview of their missions and work in the first lecture. In the second lecture, the focus will be on the individual mission participant: How to prepare, what is expected and what situations can be encountered.

Noelia Colmenarejo, an IPA member and police officer with the policía municipal in Madrid, will talk about her new book on domestic violence. With this talk, we aim also to reach out to the huge Spanish-speaking IPA community worldwide.

23 March 2021, 18:00 – 19:30 CET


According to the IBZ’s international alignment, and the fact that during the pandemic there has been a huge rise in numbers of domestic violence, we will also offer a talk on domestic violence in Spanish.


There are further ideas and plans with the Vice-president of Section Spain, Antonio Gomez Montejano, and the writers group. A language course, Spanish for beginners, will be on offer and the Polish section provided a podcast that will run on our social media channels.

Despite all of this, we are waiting like everybody else for the time after Corona. A time without social distancing, when Gimborn visitors can put their heads together in group work, go together to the gym for a workout, and spend long evenings in the Turmbar with conversations, laughter and singing.

Further information can be found at: www.ibz-gimborn.de.

Ulrike Neuhoff, IBZ Gimborn, in charge of educational speakers