IEB Covid-19 Survey

26 Feb 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused untold pain and suffering across the world. As frontline workers, the police have stepped up to meet many challenges and keep people safe. Covid-19 also has covidhad a significant impact on our association’s life.

In an attempt to measure the effects of Covid-19 on the IPA globally, the IAC, in November 2020 at the request of Secretary May-Britt Ronnebro, circulated an electronic survey, created by the Treasurer Finances, Mick Walsh, to all 68 IPA sections. 37 sections were able to respond.

A PowerPoint presentation was sent to the sections in December, giving a synopsis of the responses to each question, in many cases with full results in the slide notes.

The most common problems faced by IPA sections were:

  • Finding new ways to replace usual activities and continue recruitment
  • No physical meetings, lack of travel, and cancellation of planned events
  • Ensuring value to members and maintaining local interest
  • Members’ health and economic problems
  • Sustaining IPA Houses with no income


IPA sections demonstrated resilience, by taking many positive steps over the course of 2020 in an effort to function as efficiently as possible in an unprecedented year.

Many used media tools, such as WhatsApp and Zoom, to maintain contact, and indeed run local and national IPA meetings online.

Socio-cultural activities, when restrictions permitted, were catered for by outdoor sports, biking, hiking, fishing, and photography.

Zoom quizzes and talks on various topics were very popular, and Gimborn began online seminars to replace the physical ones. Coffee, wine and whiskey meetings, already being run, also took on a greater importance in this period.

Some sections greatly assisted persons in need with travel and delivery services during lockdown, handing out face masks, food and medical supplies, and thus demonstrated the value of the IPA to society and the police.

The IEB intend to send out a follow-up survey in March with updated questions relevant for 2021.

A big thank you to all sections who took part in this valuable survey.

Stephen Crockard, Head of Administration