IEB Meeting - Almaty, Kazakhstan

01 Apr 2018

IMG 2860Thank you IPA Kazakhstan!
Welcome to our new Section in Foundation: Kyrgyzstan!
From 5-9 March 2018, the IEB met in Almaty, Kazakhstan for its first meeting of the year. Although two members were unable to join us, we managed to cover a fullagenda and had a very productive session in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

The President of IPA Kazakhstan, Marat Nurgaliev and his team, provided a superb welcome for us all in their country and ensured that our stay was both good for work and very friendly for the rest of the time. We had the opportunity to meet with numerous IPA members and police officers, as well as with officials, and we witnessed with great satisfaction that IPA Kazakhstan is in good hands and developing well under the leadership of its board members. Definitely a place to be and a place to visit, where kindness and friendship are defined at their best.

A very important IPA event took place during our stay: the Founding Meeting of IPA Kyrgyzstan. Together with our hosts from Kazakhstan, we travelled to the capital of
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. A beautiful drive along the mountains, followed by an impressive crossing into Kyrgyzstan, where the border controls are still very evident and rigorous, before meeting our IPA friends from Kyrgyzstan who accompanied us to the capital. After meeting with the deputy interior minister and representatives of the city council, the Founding Meeting took place. It is always a moving moment to welcome a new section into the IPA family and after several speeches, the following actions took place in accordance with our Procedure:

- The election of the Founding Committee, with Sheishenbek Baizakov elected as President. He has been very active since the very beginning and it is logical that he is trusted with taking on this position and continuing working on the development of IPA Kyrgyzstan

- the signing of the IPA official Declaration of Human Rights stating the commitment of IPA Kyrgyzstan to the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations in 1948,
- the signing of the new national statutes,
- the signing of the International Statutes,
- and the awarding of a certificate of recognition for the status ‘Section in Foundation’.
The ceremony was well prepared and attended by more than 100 people. At the end, and after visiting the impressive IPA office set up in town, weall celebrated together, before heading back to Almaty. An eventful and great day for all of us. On behalf of the IPA family, I wish to welcome our new Section in Foundation Kyrgyzstan. Under the leadership of the newly elected board and with the help of all the members willing to establish and develop a great section in the spirit and according to the values of the IPA, I am certain that Kyrgyzstan will soon take the final steps before being granted full affiliation status. Presidents KG Moulin and Nurgaliev KZ

Congratulations to Kyrgyzstan, and thank you to their sponsor section Kazakhstan for guiding and helping them through the affiliation process, together with many other friends. On behalf of the IEB, I would like to congratulate and thank IPA Kazakhstan for their welcome in Almaty, as well as for everything they did to make our stay an unforgettable one. Your sense of friendship and your never-ending care to ensure that everything works perfectly, together with your extraordinary level of hospitality honour you and are a true tribute to IPA values.

Long live IPA Kazakhstan!

Long live IPA Kyrgyzstan!

Servo per Amikeco

Pierre-Martin Moulin, IPA President