Immersing IPA German Police Officers in UK police life

06 Jul 2019

Once again IPA UK’s Region 10 confirmed their commitment to the International Learning and Development Exchange Programme (ILDEP) with the regular two-week visit from two student police officers from Brandenburg in Germany. German police officers have to spend time with a foreign force in the final part of their training before they can qualify as fully fledged officers.

This year, our region welcomed Kristin Brockschnieder and Niklas Nohl – both Section Germany IPA members.  Kristin was German Student Officers - photos 3 accommodated with IPA friend Frankie Adair, and Niklas with IPA member and first time host, Duncan Sheppard.

Their itinerary was to spend the first week with uniform departments, and the second with Operation RAPTOR, a dedicated drug enforced team who work in plainclothes. On their first day, they were deployed with local PCSO’s in the town centre meeting other law enforcement departments, and of course the local criminals mostly dependent on drugs or alcohol.

For the rest of the week the pair volunteered to work full night shifts to ensure they had ‘full action packed’ duties – which of course they did! Needless to say that the shift they worked with, depleted of staff like all others in this day and age, were grateful for two additional officers ‘for free’!

With the Operation RAPTOR team, their duties saw them waking at 2am one morning for a briefing at Brentwood for 4am with other officers from around the county for pre-planned ‘county-lines’ raids. ‘RAPTOR teams’ do not exist in Germany, so they found these duties very interesting and demanding.

In true IPA fashion, Duncan went beyond his role as accommodation host with such activities as taking Niklas to golf, introducing both students to a ‘full Sunday roast’ and assisting with their off-duty weekend visit to London.

Needless to say both students really enjoyed their two weeks working at Colchester. They have been allowed to be ‘real-cops’, and have left the UK with fond memories,  very grateful thanks to their UK colleagues at Colchester Police Station and of course Region 10 members! 

As usual, IPA Region 10 are very grateful to Essex Police, and particularly the Command Team at Colchester Police Station, for facilitating the students’ visit.

Steve Hunt, Secretary Region 10 - IPA UK