International Day for Street Children – 12 April 2020

09 Apr 2020

We have all heard about this day from the former Head of the Professional Commission, May-Britt Ronnebro. This year I have been asked to remind you of the challenges faced by some of the most vulnerable in our societies.

As members of the International Police Association our daily lives may bring us into contact with some of these children.  As the world deals with a pandemic which is taking many lives, it is more important than ever to remember those on the street who cannot access medicines, welfare and accommodation. This year, more than any other, it is vital we all try to support the work of the various NGOs providing support and calling for change.


Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is the only global network that raises the voices of street children and creates long-term change to ensure they are not overlooked.

There are 100+ NGOs, researchers and on-the-ground practitioners across 135 countries, working with and for street children. Together, they focus the world’s attention on the lives and needs of its most overlooked children.

The IPA continues to support the work of the CSC and I urge you to find a few minutes to go to the website and see for yourself the work being undertaken around the globe.

The IPA, through the Professional Commission is proud to support the CSC. I urge every Section to share the CSC’s message with all its members and to ask our members to think about how they can personally be involved. The four steps below are the route to change. Can you help, will you help?

 Thank you for allowing me to remind you of the work on-going to protect and support some of the most vulnerable in our societies.

Clive Wood, President Section UK and Member of the Professional Commission