IPA Bosnia & Herzegovina’s West Herzegovina Club celebrate their 5th Anniversary in style

25 May 2019

The IPA Regional Club of the West Herzegovina County (IPA ŽZH) held its Annual Meeting on 13 April and celebrated its 5th anniversary from 12–14 April 2019 at the Agro-tourism Marića Gaj in Grude.

4..Dinner partyOur dear guests arrived a day before the Annual Meeting and were welcomed at the Kiwi Motel in Grude, where we enjoyed delicious meals in a nice atmosphere and exchanged our professional experiences as well as those from our IPA clubs. Our guests came from regional clubs and regions from IPA Sections Germany, North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The next day, all guests went sightseeing and visited the Bell Tower of Peace at the Franciscan Church of St. Peter and Paul’s and the Old Bridge in Mostar, plus the largest olive grove in Bosnia & Herzegovina, located in the municipality of Ljubuški, as well as an oil mill and a tasting room where they had lunch. Afterwards, our guests visited the breathtaking Kravica waterfall and the oldest museum in the country (from 1884), which is part of the Franciscan monastery in Humac, Ljubuški.

3. DancingAfter the official component of the Annual Meeting, the festive part of the Meeting started with the signing of the Charter on Cooperation and Friendship between IPA Zagreb and IPA ŽZH. The Charter was signed by the President of IPA Zagreb, Darko Minković, and the President of IPA ŽZH, Zoran Smital, in the presence of the secretaries of the two clubs, Ante Pavelic and Milan Boban.

Certificates of Appreciation were given to deserving IPA members, businessmen, entrepreneurs and everyone who helped the club. Entertainment for over 150 participants continued late into the night, and all present were entertained by the ‘Dream Team Babe’ and the band ‘Night Flight’.

We could not have prepared such a celebration without support from the President of the Government of the West Herzegovina County, the Minister of the Interior and  local mayors who recognise and appreciate our hard work and the fact that in just five years’ time we have gathered over 200 members in a county with a very small population.

IPA ŽZH once again would like to thank everyone for coming and for the wonderful friendship, hoping that we will continue to work with the same intensity, and beyond, because all of us are joined by the motto ‘Servo per Amikeco’!

Zoran Smital, Acting President IPA Bosnia & Herzegovina