IPA Brazil celebrate the Section’s 60th Anniversary

23 Jun 2022

The Brazilian Section of the International Police Association - IPA Brazil - celebrated the 60th anniversary of the IPA in Brazil in April 2022 with a gala dinner.

The commemorative event also celebrated the Brazilian National Women's Day (30th April), and prominent women from Brazil were honoured with the Trophy of "Brazilian Female Protagonism", and in addition revived a historical tradition that originated during World War II, the Ceremonial of Candles.

The section’s 60th anniversary event also saw the official launch of the "Green Amazon Project" - a partnership between IPA Brazil and Amazon Bank, with the objective of supporting forest conservation initiatives, involving the participation of 26 indigenous groups and local communities, providing them with the tools, training and financing necessary for the management of their land and support for the general conservation of the Amazon, in the form of an initiative that will benefit  more than 68,000 people.

Enjoy the event at: IPA Brazil 60th Anniversary I and IPA Brazil 60th Anniversary II


Joel Zarpellon Mazo, President IPA Brazil