IPA Brazil commemorate Brazilian Flag Day

25 Jan 2021

flag4The current flag of Brazil was inaugurated with the proclamation of the Brazilian republic, on 19 November 1889, just four days after the end of the monarchy.

IPA Brazil is the only Brazilian association that celebrates this date as part of its management calendar. 19 November 2020 was therefore no different, and we  organised  a grand gala event with a lecture on the national flag day, followed by the commemoration of the flag, the handing out of grants, plus a dinner and show. The event was attended by around 350 people and took place in the special hall of the Espaço da Corte House, located in the capital of Brazil, Brasília. All criteria for the containment of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) were met.

This commemorative event of IPA Brazil is already a milestone in the country's civic ceremonies, which is the reason that we received an invitation from the presidency of the Republic to participate in the ceremony known as the “Exchange of the National Flag”, that takes place in front of the Presidential Palace, on 19 November each year.

In his speech held at the event organised by Section Brazil, the national president, Dr. Joel Zarpellon Mazo, presented the projects IPA Brazil is developing, including the IPA Games 2022, the prevention of violence and drugs in national schools, and highlighted the building of a national monument to the Brazilian heroes facing the current pandemic, and brought to light in honour of the recently deceased president of IPA Portugal, Anabela Alferes.

With numerous authorities from the three national Executive, Legislative and Judiciary present, in addition to police officers, family members and partners, the evening part of the event was unique, with a beautiful tribute to the Brazilian flag, expressed by the voices of the sopranos and tenors of the House of Culture in Brasília and of the IPA Brazil Orchestra.

A lecture by the president of the Latin American Academy of Human Sciences - ALACH touched those present.


As part of the evening, people who work for their country or for national public security were honoured with the popular medal and diploma entitled "Medal Ônix - Mérito Policial".

This face-to-face event was the first in this pandemic period in the Federal District, and became prominent in the media for the civic act and for the organisation and control and security criteria developed, which will serve as the basis for the opening decree for the functioning of events, following the security protocols of the Ministry of Health of Brazil and the World Health Organization.

Servo per Amikeco in pandemic times!

National Executive Board, IPA Brazilflag3