IPA Brazil initiate two projects for Children’s Day 2020

11 Nov 2020

br6IPA Brazil – through its Directorate of Academic, Cultural and Educational Affairs - developed two beautiful initiatives to celebrate Children's Day on 12 October 2020, aimed at preventing violence and drug misuse.


Project 1 - Social

IPA Brazil organised a day of celebrations in a disadvantaged community, involving lectures related to a prevention project, followed by a tasty lunch and distribution of gifts for children. At the end of the day, all children had the opportunity to have fun in the swimming pool at a water park club partnered with IPA Brazil.

It was a very pleasant day!



Project 2 - Educational

br3On Children's Day, IPA Brazil signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Secretary of Education of the Federal District, to distribute educational materials from the IPA Brazil project, highlighting our HQ (Comic Book) related to our heroic media characters, Super "Ipinho" and "Ipinha", as a source for reading, education, prevention of violence, and the misuse of drugs. The Secretary of Education is responsible for delivering educational projects to 26,000 students of various stages, ages and school segments (children and adolescents). With this agreement, the IPA Brazil HQ will appear on the shelves of the reading rooms and libraries of schools in the country. The heroes of our HQ, Super Ipinho and Ipinha will be presented to the IEC at the IPA World Congress 2021 in Spain.

The Comic Book of IPA Brazil in the Brazilian Educational System

The objective of our comic book is to inspire children and adolescents through police officers. The project also presents the opportunity to bring up issues of relevance regarding the prevention of violence, such as the fight against drugs, the destruction of the environment, and the prevention of domestic violence, a sad reality still recorded in Brazil.

A comic book from IPA Brazil to enchant children

The format of the book "Super Ipinho and Ipinha - great heroes, great heroic acts", appeals to many children, and features the most famous Brazilian superheroes. In the first bilingual edition Portuguese/English, the comic book introduces a teenager who dreams of becoming a cop, and who brings along his cousin. Two young people who, in an extraordinary way, gain superpowers and help fighting crime and containing violence. The book aims at valuing police officers and their actions, as well as their humanitarian approach to society.


Free distribution

To ensure a wider distribution of the comic book to schools both electronically and in book format, we provide the PDF free of charge for common use.

In addition to aiming at enhancing the image of the police, we endeavour to establish an open channel of communication for future exchanges between various educational institutions.

Joel Zarpellon Mazo, President IPA Brazil