IPA Brazil’s actions vs COVID-19

15 May 2020

brcov3brcov1The International Police Association’s Brazilian Section, aiming  to confront COVID-19 in the country, triggered the project: “Containment of COVID-19” on  two fronts: the first one being the assistance to the Brazilian police, which included the distribution of protective masks and oxygen tubes to hospitals and police clinics that had low or expired stocks, and pamphlets with advice regarding how to protect yourself against COVID-19, when dealing with infected people, whilst operating on the streets.

The second front was directed to a request for help, made to the members and partners of IPA Brazil, to obtain protective masks, aiming at free distribution in needy and low-income areas, following the actions of IPA member Feliciana Ribeiro in the State of Maranhão, in which she used the money from her mother Raimunda Barros’ 90th  birthday party to provide homemade protective face masks.

In view of the situations and the conditions that arose, and in compliance with national legislation regarding the fight against the pandemic,  IPA Brazil faced COVID-19 on the frontline, while managing to remain safe. During previous other national epidemics, however, such as in the case of the dengue fever, several IPA members and partners were hospitalised, including Dr. Raul Canal, president of the National Association of Medical Law, and our national IPA president, Dr. Joel Zarpellon Mazo.

IPA Brazil, trying to fulfill its associative role, understands that it has put a mere drop of action into the ocean in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. However, at least it was a drop.

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https://drive.google.com/IPA Brazil vs COVID-19

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Joel Zarpellon Mazo, President IPA Brazil