IPA Canada’s Region 16 Christmas Sponsorship Program

12 Jan 2021

For many years now, Region 16 ‘The Atlantic’ has executed a Christmas Sponsorship Program. Each province has a budget of $200 to donate to the charity of their choice from among organizations or groups who provide outreach and support for disadvantaged members in our communities. The Provincial Director solicits suggestions from IPA members in their province to select a deserving charitable organization.

In Prince Edward Island, Director Chris Griffin and his team selected ‘Feed Nova Scotia’ as their charity. Director for Newfoundland and Labrador, Beverly Bryant, and her members selected an organization called ‘Silver Santas’, a group that facilitates matches with community donors like our group with senior citizens who need extra support.   Director for PEI Chris Cronwell and his group selected an organization called ‘Upper Room Hospitality’, who run a food bank as well as a front-line soup kitchen in the Charlottetown area. In New Brunswick, Director Paul Robichaud and his volunteers selected the Beausejour Family Crisis and Resource Centre in support of a small family who had been rescued from a domestic violence situation. In that project, we worked in partnership with the local RCMP District. 

Immediately following the announcement of this year’s program, additional donations were generously offered by individual IPA members, as well as law enforcement members and retirees, IPA or not. These donations were collected and converted into gift cards or additional contributions.  With some effort by program volunteers, we were able to grow the total amount of our donations from all provinces from $800 to an amazing total of $3500.

We are pleased that this initiative supports greater community charities during the Christmas season.  We also understand that IPA participation enhances the reputation of all law enforcement agencies in our communities, and adds to the value of membership in our friendship organization. The photo, taken by IPA member Jocelyn Ross, depicts members of various law enforcement agencies, including NB Public Safety, Shediac Municipal By-Law Enforcement, CBSA, and RCMP gathered in front of the Beausejour Family Crisis and Resource Centre in Shediac. 

Mark Bridges, R16 Travel Secretary, IPA Canada