IPA Croatia: 8th Precise Shooting Tournament ‘Sveti Dujam’

25 Jun 2022

The 8th edition of the International IPA Splitsko-Dalmatinska shooting tournament, entitled IPA Split Shooting Cup 2022 was held on 30th April 2022 in Stobreč, Croatia, involving 56 competitors and 18 teams.

Members of four IPA sections took part in the competition: IPA Montenegro; IPA Germany (Stuttgart), IPA Bosnia and Herzegovina with representatives of six clubs: IPA West Herzegovina County (Grude), IPA Herzeg-Bosnia County (Livno), IPA Zenica, IPA Bihać, and IPA Banja Luka. The Croatian side was represented by the members of the clubs IPA Šibensko-Kninska, IPA Brodsko-Posavska and, of course, the hosts, IPA Splitsko-Dalmatinska.


In addition to the IPA teams, representatives of the Livno Ministry of the Interior, the Mostar Ministry of the Interior, the Bosnian and Herzegovina Border Police and the Splitsko-Dalmatinska Police Administration took part in the competition.

Results: Individual - Women

  1. Marija Šego

IPA West Herzegovina County, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. Klaudija Borojević

IPA Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. Silva Vržina

IPA Split W, Croatia

Results: Individual - Men

  1. Srđa Miranović

IPA Montenegro

  1. Josip Mišković

IPA Split I, Croatia

  1. Dražen Vukadinovic

IPA Montenegro


Results: Teams - Women

  1. IPA Zenica, Bosnia & Herzegovina
  2. IPA Split, Croatia


Results: Teams - Men

  1. IPA Montenegro
  2. IPA Split 1
  3. Border Police, Bosnia & Herzegovina

After the tournament, a traditional reception banquet was held, and the Head of the Splitsko-Dalmatinska Police Administration, Mr. Slobodan Marendić, as well as the President of the Club IPA Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Mr. Marko Doljanin, awarded medals and trophies to the best competitors.


The Vice President of IPA Section Croatia, Mr. Jure Ražov, also joined the ceremony.

Marko Doljanin, President Regional Club IPA Splitsko-Dalmatinska, IPA Croatia