IPA Croatia host a successful 5th IPA Motorcycle Meeting

09 Aug 2022

IPA Croatia’s Regional Clubs IPA Međimurje and IPA Varaždin organised the 5th IPA Motorcycle Meeting in the Međimurje and the Varaždin counties from 25 to 29 May 2022, gathering 110 participants from 10 countries.

Over four days, the participants visited many beautiful parts of Međimurje County, such as: Čakovec (the Ecomuseum ‘Međimurje Malo’ Visitor Centre), Peklenica (oil source), Mursko Središće, Štrigova (Church of St. Jerome), Žabnik (the mill on the River Mura and the northernmost point in Croatia), Prelog, Accredo Centre in Zasadbreg, the Šardi Oldtimer Museum in Selnica, the Tomšić and Kossi wineries.

In Varaždin County sights included: the city of Varaždin, Ludbreg, Novi Marof, the Rauš motordrome in Novi Marof, the castle of Trakošćan and the Šafran winery in Breznički Hum.

The Motorcycle Meeting was supported by the Ministry of the Interior, the Međimurje and Varaždin Police Departments, IPA Croatia, Međimurje County, the city of Čakovec, other cities and municipalities, companies, institutions and individuals, plus the partner agency Rudi Travel from Čakovec.

This broad support confirmed that a significant event had been organised, which promoted Croatia, the Međimurje and Varaždin Counties, as well as IPA Croatia on a global level!

The meeting also saw guests: police officers from the Murska Sobota Police Department from Slovenia participated in the ride on the first day of the meeting with their official motorcycles.


At the closing ceremony of the gathering in the Bedem Restaurant in Čakovec, participants of the meeting, guests and valuable members of the club gathered.

The President of IPA Section Croatia - Miljenko Vidak, the president of IPA Varaždin - Siniša Habek and the President of IPA Međimurje - Darko Dragičević addressed the audience with welcoming words. They emphasised their thanks to all participants for taking part, and expressed their wish that the tradition of motorcycle encounters continues. Last, but not least they wished everyone a safe return home.

In addition, the winners of the ‘Moto-Alka’ game were announced, which had taken place at the Rauš motordrome in Novi Marof – Vitomir Golusin from IPA Bezbednost (Belgrade) won in the individual competition, while Marija Dogazanski and Igor Jovanovski from IPA North Macedonia won in the pairs’ category.

The award for the longest trip to the Motorcycle Meeting was given to Juan Antonio Ramirez Perez from Spain, who had covered a distance of 2,000 km.


Recognitions were given to all participating clubs from the 10 countries. In addition, recognitions were also passed to companies and people who supported the organisation of the Motorcycle Meeting.

Traditionally, the clubs gave each other gifts, and words of commendation were sent to all those who participated in the organisation of the motorcycle meeting and had spent months diligently preparing every detail of the event! DJ David Mašić set and entertained the final party with a selected repertoire.

IPA Bosnia and Herzegovina will host of the Motorcycle Meeting in 2023.

Servo per Amikeco!

IPA Regional Clubs Međimurje and Varaždin, IPA Croatia