IPA Croatia renew old Customs of Coastal Fishermen

19 May 2022

IPA Croatia’s Regional Club Primorsko-goranska has renewed the traditions of old fishermen from the Croatian coast.

In ancient times, fishermen of the Bakar Bay and the town of Bakar fished with a hook from the shore. To be more successful, they set up massive ladders called “tuners” from the shores towards the middle of the bay. From the top of the ladders observers watched the movement of fish along the bay, especially Adriatic tuna, and informed the fishermen who were onshore.


After a big catch, the fishermen organised joint cooking, roasting and salting of the tuna. Meanwhile, they played card games in the taverns with their families, mostly brisket and tress. Others played open-air bottles or ballots outside.

This traditional event has been called “Fishermen's Triathlon Tuners – ribarski triatlon tunera” by the IPA Regional Club Primorsko-goranska, after the tuner ladders that were very useful to the fishermen. Today, several tuners have been restored and serve as attractions for tourists and bathers in the bay, and for the most daring to dive into the sea from a great height.In addition, they consumed wine and a special sparkling wine called “Bakarska vodica” – Bakar's water – made from grapes produced by farmers on the rocky slope of the Bakar Bay.

At the beginning of April this year, a total of 104 IPA members from Slavonia, Dalmatia, Lika, Banovina, as well as Istria and IPA Koper representatives from the neighbouring IPA Section of Slovenia, a total of 8 IPA clubs, gathered at this event organised by IPA primorsko-goranska.


All participants, just like the old fishermen of this area, fished with a hook from the shore, played cards in the tavern of the community centre Praputnjak, and measured their strength in bottles.

No one dared to climb the high tuner - it’s not bathing season yet!

Along with the host, IPA primorsko-goranska members of the Association of Croatian Homeland War Veterans from Bakar, and the City of Bakar itself participated in the organisation, and the Luben Sports Association from Bakar made sure that the fishing was in accordance with the rules.

The best participants were awarded with medals and trophies and the IPA badge.

The participants were greeted by the Mayor of the City of Bakar, Mr. Tomislav Klarić, the President of IPA primorsko – goranska and IPA Section Croatia Miljenko Vidak, the President of the Special Police Unit “Ajkula (shark)” Perica Prpić, and the President of the Association of Croatian Homeland War Veterans of Bakar, Davor Presečki.


Servo per Amikeco!


Miljenko Vidak, President IPA Croatia & IPA primorsko-goranska