IPA Croatia’s Brod-Posavina Regional Club organises its 2nd Christmas Hunt with Guests

27 Mar 2020

The Regional IPA Club of the Brod-Posavina County successfully organised its 2nd Christmas Hunt with guests on 21 December 2019. As is tradition, the local IPA clubs (from Split, Dubrovnik, Lika, Rijeka, Zagreb, Vinkovci, and Osijek) were joined by IPA clubs from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Posušje, Mostar, Livno, Brčko).


The hunt for wild boar and jackals was held in the game-rich Slavonian ‘Trstika’ hunting grounds in Novska. This year the amount of quarry was a little lower than the significant amount caught the year before (15 boars and one jackal), even though a lot of shots were fired this year. Some of the missed shots were difficult to explain, as most of the participants are experienced hunters.

The crew was noticeably exhausted after the hunt and could not wait to get back to the hunting lodge. The tired faces of the hunters were smiling again soon after, because the aroma of traditional hunting stew, roasted pork, and hot lamb lifted their spirits very quickly. Even better, the joyous melodies played by Slavonian tamburitza players pleased the hunters even more, and so they soon forgot all their troubles, misses, and the annoying rain which was our companion throughout the hunt.


The participants of the hunt enjoyed the warm ambience of the hunting lodge, and the merriment lasted until the early hours of the following morning. We look forward to seeing our guests again and hunting even more quarry in 2020. We should never forget that hunting is not the only purpose of our get-togethers, and our doors are open for all those who love good fun and company.

If you are interested, you can book to participate for next year now - more information on the 3rd Christmas Hunt on 19 December 2020 is available at mato.brekalo69@gmail.com.


Mato Brekalo, Regional Club Brod-Posavina County, IPA Croatia