IPA Estonia host international Women’s Symposium

19 Apr 2019

From 14-16 March 2019, the Estonian Section of the International Police Association and several Estonian women’s organisations jointly held the symposium ‘Women from World Over’ in Tallinn.

The event's purpose was to advance and strengthen women's influence in business, government and society at large, by promoting understanding and tolerance among different cultures, collaboration among women's organisations in pursuit of security and sustainability of peace, in the name of friendship among peoples.

For three days, the symposium focused on the participants’ knowledge, experience and energy to establish how to encourage women to realise their dreams and to make societies better. 

Among the participants were women and men from Bahrain, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and the USA.

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The programme included a reception at Tallinn’s Central Police Department, where the visitors were introduced to its operations and aims.

In addition, the participants were made familiar with the IPA, including the Estonian Section and the NGO Women’s Network of the Estonian Police, plus they toured Tallinn’s wonderful Old Town.


Maret Tamra, Member of the Board of IPA Estonia