IPA Estonia’s Police able to wear IPA Patch on their uniforms

11 Nov 2019

The Estonian IPA Section held a meeting with the Director General of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board in May 2019. During the meeting, many topics were discussed, one of which was to create an IPA Estonia patch that officers can wear on their duty uniform.ipa embleem

During the process, different styles of patches were studied and many manufacturers consulted. After thorough negotiations, we chose to order our patches from Switzerland with the help of IPA Switzerland. The design was approved by the board and thereafter authorised as an official uniform patch. Since 14 October 2019, Estonia is the first International Police Association member country where a police officer can wear the IPA patch on a police uniform while on duty.

We invite every IPA Section to create their own IPA patch and study the possibility to wear it as a part of their official uniform in the line of duty. This way, we can be more visible and recognisable to our colleagues and to the society as a whole. Being a member of the IPA should be a matter of pride.


Uno Laas, President IPA Estonia