IPA GAMES 2022 - IPA Lower Silesia Members represent Poland

10 Jun 2022

From 8 to 13 May 2022, the 2nd IPA Games for female and male police officers from countries affiliated to the International Police Association, took place in the town of Bar in Montenegro. The competition was attended by over 500 athletes from 26 countries around the world.

IPA sports competitions are held regularly in different countries around the world, after granting the right to organise them. IPA Region Wrocław, operating within the premises of the Wrocław Provincial Police Headquarters, put up a 20-person delegation, which took part in the of beach volleyball, 3x3 basketball, futsal soccer, 5000m running and the shooting competitions. The Lower Silesia Police team consisted of officers from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Wrocław and the Police Headquarters in Wałbrzych and Wrocław, as well as the Polkowice District Police Headquarters. Retired police officers were also included in the team.

The participants of the trip, who are all IPA members, are sports enthusiasts who have represented the Polish Police and the IPA in the international and national arena for many years. Among them, Olympic laurels were won by retired police officer, officer-in-charge Joanna Woźniak-Cieślar, who won a bronze medal in the open category and a silver medal in her age category in the 5000m race of the IPA Games.


Apart from the sporting dimension of the event, the Games also had a social aspect. The meeting of officers from various parts of the world served to exchange experiences and create bonds of friendship and professional camaraderie in accordance with the motto of the International Police Association, “Servo per Amikeco - Service through Friendship”. The participants representing the Lower Silesian Police also observed the organisation of the event with a view to organising the IPA Games in 2026 in Wrocław.

Servo per Amikeco,

Roman Wieczorek (text) & Mariusz Łęcki (photos), IPA Region Wroclaw, Poland