IPA Germany – New Board at Work

27 Jan 2022


Six weeks after the elections, the new executive board of IPA Germany met for a strategic conference on the weekend before Christmas.

The seven board members first developed a motto that shall stand for their three-year term, entitled "A Visible IPA". Guided by this motto, a strategy was developed, responsibilities divided, and tasks assigned. As a side effect, the board decided to implement all international social and cultural competitions in Germany. The strategy and results of the meeting will be presented to and discussed with the federal board of IPA Germany at the next meeting in March 2022.

Despite the hard work, the executive board had time to visit the office of IPA Germany in Bexbach, and to host a Christmas dinner to which the “good souls” of the office, Sabine and Rosemarie were invited. “You are both doing an incredible job and contribute significantly to the good service for our IPA members,” said IPA President Oliver Hoffmann while presenting flowers.

When driving home to their families on Sunday afternoon, responsibilities and tasks had been divided, and we could look back on a fruitful meeting that was held in friendship and in good spirit.

Hubert Vitt, Vice President IPA Germany