IPA Greece’s Karditsa region provides traffic education

01 Feb 2018

DSC 0006 - ΑντιγραφήThis year's participation of our local IPA in the Christmas theme park of Karditsa, organised for the third consecutive year, and featuring the theme of ‘Castles and Knights’, was a huge success and proved extremely popular. Once again, in cooperation with the Traffic Department of Karditsa, we welcomed young and old friends to a playhouse with traffic games, where visitors had the opportunity to take simple courses of traffic education through games and constructions.

Among other activities, visitors could play with the Playmobil police station, build pencil boxes, and take part in an impressive and popular baking session in collaboration with pastry chef Thodoris Sempros, where the children made and tasted biscuits that had the shape of road signs. In addition, our young friends had the chance to take part in a draw to win gifts, such as books and bicycle helmets. These gifts were provided by the local tourist office Megas Alexandros, and we would like to express our gratitude.

20171218 210528Over a period of 13 days, we welcomed 5,000 children and many adults who, besides all of the above, had the opportunity to learn about our association and to obtain the Police Review and IPA News magazines. We are very grateful to the Police Director of Karditsa, Brigadier General Vasilis Karaiperis, who once more supported our participation in the Christmas theme park, as well as the park managers for their warm support.

In addition, a huge thank you goes to all those members who volunteered to spend their free time at the playhouse to smile and welcome our guests.

‘Servo per amikeco'

‘Service through Friendship’

Georgios Zarchanis and Nikolaos Gousias, IPA Karditsa