IPA International Photo Competition 2019

05 Nov 2018

The IPA Socio-Cultural Commission is pleased to organise the IPA International Photo Competition 2019, open to all IPA members.

Following on from the successful and very popular Photo Competition 2017, there will be  two categories:Bernard Chambart-2 Belgium OVERALL WINNER

Open Category: Any photographic topic

Subject Category: Police at Work

A prize of 400 Euros will be awarded to the overall winner, with category winners and second and third places also receiving awards.

I would like to thank SCC member Kikis Pericleous for managing this project. Detailed information, including the official entry form, deadlines and competition rules, has been circulated to all IPA sections, and can be found on our website at www.ipa-international.org/photo-competitions.

The IPA International Photo Competition enriches IPA life by providing opportunities to create exhibitions for IPA offices, police units as well as special events.

We therefore hope that all sections will participate with as many IPA members as possible!

Gal Sharon, IPA Vice President and Chairperson of the SCC