IPA Japan celebrates its 60th Anniversary with a Pledge for further Growth!

20 Sep 2022

On 2nd July, IPA Japan held its annual general meeting for the year 2022 in Tokyo. Following the meeting, as part of the 60th anniversary events, our members presented their contributions in foreign languages, and the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency delivered a lecture. We then hosted a celebration with over one hundred attendees. IPA Japan was affiliated as a national section of the IPA in 1962 at the 5th IEC in Geneva, Switzerland. Since then, we have continued our activities and this year we celebrate our 60th anniversary.


At the beginning of the general meeting, the IPA hymn was played. Thereafter, the president of IPA Japan, Mr. Masahito Kanetaka, gave the opening address in which he praised the past activities and spoke about the future vision of the section. This was followed by reports from board members and a discussion of our current issues. An announcement was made that a member from IPA Japan will be sent to the World Congress in Spain this October as an observer through the training programme to experience exchanges with other IPA members. Furthermore, plans to hold a “Friendship Judo Week” in 2024 by inviting about 20 Judo enthusiasts from various IPA sections were also reported. In addition, the participants discussed how IPA Japan should respond at the World Congress to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


After the general meeting, two events were held to commemorate the 60th anniversary. Firstly, four members presented their points of view on the IPA’s activities and the internationalisation of the police in English, Italian, French and Spanish respectively. Next, the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency, Mr. Itaru Nakamura, gave a lecture on the topic of “Cybercrime and Police Activities.”

The celebration event to mark our 60th anniversary was a remarkable success, with many guests in attendance, including the Commissioner General Mr. Nakamura and Mr. Hidehiko Yoshida, a gold medallist in Judo (78 kg) at the Barcelona Olympics.


The celebrations began with an address by President Kanetaka, followed by congratulatory speeches and a toast. After the opening, there was a lively exchange among the attendees, and Mr. Yoshida, who is also a supporting member, spoke enthusiastically about his future aspirations and willingness to cooperate with the “Friendship Judo Week” in 2024. We would like to thank all those who attended the celebrations and pledge to further develop IPA Japan.

Below are two group photos: the top one shows IPA Japan members, the bottom one the supporting members. May their smiles bring you happiness!

Toru Uto, Secretariat IPA Japan