IPA Kenya gifts Children’s Home with early Christmas

06 Jan 2019

KEgifts2A team from IPA Kenya visited the Motherly Care Orphanage, Ruai, on the outskirts of Nairobi City on Sunday, 9 December  2018.

This facility is home to 154 orphans, girls and boys aged between 1-17 years. The home runs a primary school within the compound, which offers equal opportunities for all the children to attain basic education.

Thereafter, the children proceed to secondary schools outside the home.

In the spirit of friendship, Section Kenya donated food and clothing items including: food stuffs (flour, cooking oil, sugar, grains, soft drinks, vegetables and snacks), detergents/toiletries, children’s clothing for 154 children (diapers, beddings, toys, shoes) and school fees for those in secondary school.

The items and cash were from IPA members and partners. Several corporations also readily gave donations in kind following our appeal for assistance; some of them also chose to attend the handing over ceremony. For the children, it was all smiles at the sight of soft drinks, biscuits, new shoes, clothes, and of course IPA friendship.KEgifts3

IPA Kenya’s leadership acknowledged the role of children’s homes in crime prevention. Such facilities protect young and vulnerable children from bad influences which can lead them to delinquency. In the homes, they are offered guidance, taken care of and equipped with necessary life skills. It is for this reason that our Section will continue to support such facilities, so that together we can contribute to the promotion of world peace.

At the same time, IPA Kenya actively participates in enhancing the image of the National Police Service through such activities, thereby improving the relationship with the general public.

Jared Ojuok, Secretary General IPA Kenya