IPA Kenya make Donation to Girls’ Rescue Centre

11 Sep 2022

It was a joyous moment on Friday 15th July 2022, when the International Police Association’s Section Kenya donated textbooks worth 150,000 Shillings, five cartons of sanitary towels, five bales of maize floor, fifty kilograms of beans, cooking oil, soft drinks and assorted stationery to Kajiado Adventist Girls’ School and Rescue Centre.

The institution, situated about 110 km from the capital city Nairobi offers shelter, quality education and protection to over 300 girls rescued from the harmful cultural practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriages.

The team, led by the IPA Kenya Secretary General, Mr. Jared Ojuok, and the 3rd Vice President and Chairperson of the Socio-Cultural Commission, Ms. Poline Munyi, arrived at the school at midday, and was warmly received by the school community and the local police commander.

In attendance were Mr. Lawrence Some, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) from DCI Headquarters, and Mr. Daudi Oloronyokie, SSP, the Sub-County Commander, Kajiado, among other IPA members.

The Rescue Centre management congratulated the International Police Association’s Section Kenya for the special gesture and initiative that they said would inspire hope among the young girls, and also strengthen the police-public relationship among the local community.

The Secretary General explained to the audience that the International Police Association was founded on one of the most fundamental elements of any given society: Friendship.

‘Indeed, the Association’s Motto, ‘Servo Per Amikeco’, which is Esperanto for ‘Service Through Friendship’ is a running call that reminds each one of us of human’s most basic instinct; the need to offer help to those in need.’

The Inspector General of the National Police Service, Mr. Hilary Mutyambai noted in his written speech that, ‘Over the years, IPA Kenya Section has proved itself to be a real ambassador of friendship through activities such as these, and many more.

Today, we bring you good tidings of friendship, that your skies may shine brighter, and that this day may be memorable. May our coming here redouble your joy, and cut your grief, if at all, in half.’

The Inspector General stated that the National Police Service acknowledged the difficult past that most of the girls had been through, and assured them that the future is brighter for those who choose to take full advantage of the opportunity that the Rescue Centre has offered them to get quality education in a safe and secure environment.

The Inspector General further said, ‘We sincerely thank the Rescue Centre management for the enormous work they have done in providing this magnificent facility for your shelter and nurture.


The opportunity you have offered to these children is golden, and I believe that out of this home shall come forth future leaders of our great nation. I wish to say that this home offers a great symbolism for community policing.

It is through initiatives such as this one, that that our communities are made safer for all, and hope for a brighter future is built.’


Jared Ojuok, Secretary General IPA Kenya