IPA Kenya provide 8,500 Police Officers with PPE

31 Jul 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has created new challenges globally, also in policing. The police therefore need to come up with new response strategies to crime and incidents, and the enforcement of Covid-related regulations. This is all the more important during arrests, transfers and confinement, which ordinarily require close proximity with the arrested person. The IPA Kenyan Section, in response to the need for personal protection, has provided police officers serving within the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Region with Personal Protective equipment (PPE).


On 2 June, the Deputy Inspector General (DIG), of the Kenya Police Service, Mr. Edward Njoroge Mbugua, CBS, MBS, OGW, ndc (K),who is also an esteemed IPA member, graced the launch of distribution of personal hygiene items and PPE to the 11 Police Divisions in the Nairobi Region at the Diplomatic Police Unit Headquarters in Gigiri, Nairobi.  Mr. Mbugua expressed his gratitude towards IPA Kenya, and noted that the pragmatic approach by the IPA leadership in addressing policing challenges in Kenya was noticeable at all levels within the police. He further said that ‘Responsible Policing’ ideals promoted by the IPA were being received very well by both the police and the public: This was in reference to IPA Kenya’s community outreach programmes which have involved local police command in joint activities including tree planting, food donations and aid to schools.

The items were donations from IPA Kenyan Section members in partnership with the East African Ramgarhia Board (EARB) Sikh Community, Pangani Temple and included: sanitisers, reusable face masks, antibacterial soaps and umbrellas. IPA Kenya Coast Region members donated 14,400 pieces of antibacterial soap towards the project. The exercise covered the 11 police divisions and 2 police formations whose headquarters are within the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Region, catering for 8,500 uniformed police officers.

On their part, the Sikh community, represented by the EARB President, Mr. Jaswinder Singh Virdi & the Hon. General Secretary Mr. Manminder Singh Jandu, Trustee  Mr. Gurdip S Rupra, said that they had established a very cordial relationship with Section Kenya and that they particularly liked the opportunity to assist the law enforcement officers provided through IPA.

Meanwhile, the IPA Kenya partnership with the Talia Agler Girl’s Centre was taken to a new level. On 11 June, IPA Kenya donated four electric sewing machines and food to the Talia Agler Girls' Shelter in Wangige. The items were donated in partnership with the Sukuma Twende Trust through our member Mr. Rushab Rajesh Shah.

The donations were received by the Deputy Inspector General - Administration Police Service, Mr. Noor Y. Gabow, EBS, OGW, at the National Police Service HQ, Nairobi, as a physical visit to children’s home was not tenable due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Gabow stated that the donation was ‘proactive’ policing, and that equipping the young girls with life skills such as dressmaking was the best policing philosophy. He added that Kenya will be much safer with such initiatives, and thanked the IPA and partners for helping in actualising the dreams of young persons.

During the donation ceremony, the chairman of the Sukuma Twende Trust, Mr. Hitesh Shah, said that he had followed the activities of IPA Kenya and had come to the conclusion that the association stood for something bigger and greater for the Kenyan society. He praised the IPA Kenyan Section for upholding the higher ideal of giving back to society, especially in these difficult times. On his part, the President of IPA Kenya, Mr. Alfred Osur, thanked all the stakeholders for their steadfast support, promising that the future was brighter with us united, and not divided.

Jared Ojuok, Secretary General IPA Kenya