IPA Kenya visits Talia Agler Girls’ Shelter

12 Jan 2020

kevisit1Members of IPA Kenya were special guests of the Talia Agler Girls’ Shelter in Wangige, Kiambu County on 6 December 2019. The Home is named after the late Talia Faith Agler, a young American philanthropist, who died in an accident aged only 26. The facility provides accommodation, care and protection for 42 Girls aged from 7-22. Most are referrals from the National Police Service following domestic and sexual abuse and forced child labour. The older ones are mostly victims of international trafficking who are temporarily housed in the facility before being repatriated back to their countries of origin.

During this Christmas Season, Section Kenya opted to visit the children’s home in the spirit of friendship, by donating food, detergents/ toiletries, medicine, school supplies, and a financial contribution to cover the school fees for those in High School. The total contribution was worth USD 3,500. During the visit, the IPA members were entertained through songs and dances, and there was much fun and laughter, together as one big family. Lunch was served by IPA Kenya Section members, followed by speeches and presentations of gifts.

The IPA Kenya President, Mr. Alfred Osur, reminded those present that the Association was founded on one of the most fundamental elements of any given society: Friendship, and that the Association’s motto, Servo Per Amikeco, which is Esperanto for ‘Service Through Friendship’ is a running call that reminds each one of us of one of humanity’s most basic instincts; to offer help to those in need.

Mr. Osur said that over the years, IPA Kenya has proven itself to be a real ambassador of friendship through activities such as this one, and many more: ‘Today, we bring you good tidings of friendship, that your skies may shine brighter and that the Christmas festivities may be memorable. May our coming here redouble your joy, and cut your grief, if at all, in half’.

The main guest, Mr. James Mwaniki, AIG, who represented the Inspector General at the function, mentioned that the National Police Service acknowledged the difficult past that most of the girls had been through, and assured them that the future is brighter, ‘because we care for you so much’. Mr. Mwaniki praised IPA Kenya for the good work they were doing across the country in partnership with the National Police Service, which he said had helped improve the police image, trust and legitimacy. Mr Mwaniki expressed appreciation to the home saying, ‘We sincerely thank the Talia Agler Management for the enormous work they have done in providing this magnificent facility for your shelter and nurture. The opportunity you have offered to these little angels is golden, and I believe that out of this home shall come forth future leaders of our great nation’.


In addition, he mentioned that the National Police Service was grateful for the mutual partnership established over the years with the institution. ‘I wish to say that this home offers a great symbolism for community policing. It is through initiatives such as this one that that our communities are made safe for all, and hope for a brighter future is built’. His statements were also echoed by the Officer Commanding Station, Kingero Police Station, and Chief Inspector Hassan Bashir, who said that the home had assisted greatly in providing young girls whose cases were pending before court with a safe, secure and friendly environment.

In his final advice to the young girls, he quoted Francis Bacon: ‘Young people are fitter to invent than to judge; fitter for execution than for counsel; and more fit for new projects than for settled business’, and continued by stating ‘The business of building a better future for yourselves is one such business that requires settling, and in you, I see both the capacity and the will to tackle this. May your dreams come true, because they are valid and achievable.’

Jared Ojuok, Secretary General IPA Kenya